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frequently asked questions

How deep is the lettering on the tags?

The name text is cut a full 0.03 inches deep (that’s as deep as a credit card is thick!). There is no way that is going to wear out! The phone numbers on the back are cut to 0.02 inches, more than deep enough to last a lifetime.

Why don’t you put coatings on your tags?

Coatings are thin and always the first thing to wear out on a tag. We decided it would be best to make our tags out of solid material so that any wear only exposes more of the same material. That means that your tag will look good for a lifetime.

Can I put my address on the tag?

Unfortunately, no. Adding an address means that we would have to shrink the font on the tag to make room. The letters would be too small for the larger tools we need to use to get the deep, durable text. 

Why is there a 12 character maximum for the name?

It’s the same reason as for the address above question, after 12 characters we start to run out of room to get them on the tag. If your pet has a long name you may want to try the following:

  • Use a nickname
  • Use a shortened form of their name (eg. If your pets name was Mississippi, you could use the short form Missi)
  • If that won’t work send us an e-mail at and we’ll see if we can make something work.

Is there anything special I need to do to take care of my tag?

No! Our tags are very low maintenance. If you have any questions about taking care of your tag see our product care page.

Why did my tag come with two rings?

To give you options! You can use the small or large brass ring alone, or you can use two together to turn the tag 90 degrees. Using two rings can help turn the tag so it stays facing forward, depending on the configuration of your pet’s collar.

Why does my brass tag have fingerprints on it?

Don’t worry, that is a normal part of brass building its patina. Oils from your skin or your pet’s fur may initially leave marks but give it a bit of time and the whole tag will develop a beautiful dark patina. If the patina really bothers you see our product care for an easy way to get rid of it and bring back the shine.