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Our business was inspired by our dog River. She was a beautiful white Husky – Shepherd mix that we adopted from the local SPCA. She had lots of energy and a sweet temperament – but was also known to escape in her previous home. We knew we needed to get a tag for her right away.

When we started looking for one all we could find were tags made of cheap metals, with thin coatings and text that we knew wouldn’t last. We wanted something minimal, classic, well designed and durable, but it seemed like what we were looking for didn’t exist. We realized that there must be a way to make a better tag.

It took several years until we were able to start Onoma Tags, but the idea to make a high quality pet tag never left our minds. Tragically, River passed away in 2019 and was never able to see the concept that she inspired take shape. It’s her memory that has driven us to make the best tags possible.