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Brass Long Tag


(13 customer reviews)


Includes two brass rings (7/8″ and 1/2″)

Solid unfinished brass tag (2″ long x 0.4″ wide x 0.1″ thick)

Names will be printed in all lower case lettering – if you would like something different please let us know in the notes field above.

What makes our tags premium?

Made in the USA

Materials: The Brass Collection uses solid, unfinished brass for a classic look and feel. It will naturally patina over time giving each tag it’s own unique character. If you prefer to keep the brass bright, please see our care page for some easy ways to keep it looking like new.

Design: Great for cats and dogs, your pet will look sophisticated in this stylish tag. There are no coatings on this tag to wear off, scuff or scratch so it will always look great. Two solid brass rings give you options to attach the tag in a way that works best for you.

Text: Our tags don’t just scratch the surface! Other tags use etching or engraving for customization, a process that leaves them susceptible to wear and fading. Our durable lettering is cut deep and is guaranteed to remain legible for the life of your pet!

13 reviews for Brass Long Tag

  1. Linde

    I have had my brass dog tag for 2.5 months now and I love it! Not only does my dog look good wearing it but it has held up amazingly!

  2. Yu Wu (verified owner)

    This tag is amazing quality, and really love how the flat split rings that it comes with matches the tag. I would love if this tag came in a smaller size since I have a 15 lb dog, but I was aware of the size and I do not think it’s comically large for her.

  3. Lisa Southern (verified owner)

    This isn’t just a dog tag – it’s jewelry for my pet’s neck! The quality is outstanding! The tag itself is 2cm thick and the flat rings that come with it are beyond sturdy. There’s no way these are coming off my dog’s collar. The order was delivered 13 days after I placed it – it shipped within 3 days of order placement. I’m very pleased with my purchase! Will definitely order from Onoma again.

  4. Miranda (verified owner)

    The tag is bigger than I expected, but that’s totally on me for not even looking at the dimensions. Regardless, I absolutely love it! I have a medium sized dog and it doesn’t look too big on her at all. It has a very clean and classy look. I’ve never seen a dog tag style this before. I also love the look of all lowercase letters. I’ve already gotten compliments on the tag! I’d be interested in buying another in a smaller sized option ever becomes available. But for now, no regrets. 🙂

  5. Diana Tang (verified owner)

    I was SO excited to finally order an Onoma tag (brass long tag) for my pup (beagle hound, 27 lb) — we’ve been eyeing these tags for a WHILE now and finally decided to go for it. The tag and rings are beautiful and I love how it looks on my dog (it ended up looking bigger on her than I anticipated but I’m still okay with it). I will say sadly I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the tag, especially at its price point. I knew it would weather from wear and tear and age with my dog which I looked forward to, but not even a full day after putting it on her, the tag already had some significant scuffs on the sides of the tag. The only source I can think of for the damage was from her getting up and shaking out (and the tag hitting something on the collar). I had really hoped for better durability since these tags are supposed to last a lifetime. I didn’t expect the brass to be so malleable, but I’m still pretty happy to have a unique tag for my dog.

  6. Valeria (verified owner)

    We loved it! We spent so much time looking for a nice tag and this is it! The tag is the perfect size and it looks so good in contrast of our dog’s hair. Definitely the best decision for our little one’s ID tag.

  7. Lindsay (verified owner)

    These tags check ALL of the boxes. Good looking, yes. Minimalist, absolutely. Durable, for sure! I’m pumped to not worry about salt water since my pups love to swim and can’t wait to see how they start to patina over time. Love how it’s all lowercase as well. Hopefully I don’t ever need to order again but if I do I wouldn’t hesitate!

  8. Cheryl Sterling (verified owner)

    The quality of this is very nice. A little pricey but very nice!

  9. Shea Eschman

    It turned out so cute !

  10. Tonya Campbell (verified owner)

    I have purchased multiple tags and loved them so much that I’ve purchased for gifts, as well. These tags truly standout from others and continue to look brand new even after wearing daily for over 6 months. Highly recommend!

  11. Fiona (verified owner)

    Amazing tag! Looks beautiful and wears in nicely. Love it, ordering another soon

  12. Desi

    Our Onoma tag is the only tag of ours that I haven’t worried about phone numbers scuffing off of. Our girl plays hard and rolls around a lot, and the deep engraving still looks great after a year of use!

  13. Anne (verified owner)

    Another awesome tag … and I apologize for not getting this review done sooner. It’s hard to get a goat to stay still for very long, and she sure doesn’t sit on command.

    If someone is not quite sure about getting an Onoma tag, I would HIGHLY encourage them to GO FOR IT!!! These tags are pet jewelry!!!

    Before my first purchase, for the canine child, my husband just kinda waved it off when I showed him pics. But when we got it, he couldn’t stop talking (to the aforementioned fur child, not to me) about how pretty it was and how pretty she looked.

    When we got the goat’s tag, he immediately got her the new collar and attached the tag!!!

    Safe to say, WE LOVE THEM!!! Easy communication, great quality, quick shipping, simple, pleasing designs … they’re just beautiful pieces … I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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