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Stone Arch Mini Tag


(9 customer reviews)


Includes two brass rings (7/8″ and 1/2″)

Solid acrylic mineral composite tag (0.75″ tall x 1.125″ wide x 0.2″ thick)

Names will be printed in all lower case lettering – if you would like something different please let us know in the notes field above.

What makes this tag premium?

Made in the USA

Materials: The Stone Collection uses premium acrylics and natural minerals to create a tag with the look of stone or terrazzo, but with a lightweight feel. Every tag has a unique mix of material which means that no two are exactly the same. The durable acrylic is resistant to staining and scratching.

Design: Great for smaller cats and dogs, your pet will look sophisticated in this stylish tag. Its minimal, elegant shape will never go out of style. Two solid brass rings give you options to attach the tag in a way that works best for you.

Text: Our tags don’t just scratch the surface! Other tags use etching or engraving for customization, a process that leaves them susceptible to wear and fading. Our durable lettering is cut deep and is guaranteed to remain legible for the life of your pet!

9 reviews for Stone Arch Mini Tag

  1. Naomi (verified owner)

    Ahhhh. So, I adore this tag!! I bought it for my cat, Cersei. The weight and size is perfect for a smaller animal. Nice and quiet when she gets up in the night and zooms on the furniture lol. I’ve been waiting to buy from Onoma for a year or two now and am so glad I finally went through with it! 🙂

    Unfortunately, I switched phone carriers over the weekend and they wouldn’t let me keep my old number. I’ve only had my tag for about 2 weeks but can’t use it anymore because of that. Bummed because I was so excited about that this purchase. But I’m terms of Onoma, they did a fantastic job. I’ll just have to budget for another one in the future.

    • admin

      Hi Naomi! Thanks so much for the kind review. I just wanted to let you know that we have a 30 day return/exchange policy on our tags so if you would like to get a replacement with your new number on it we can take care of that for you! Just send an e-mail to and we will have a new one sent your way.

  2. Laisha

    Absolutely love this dog tag! Very amazing quality and super durable! Also have great customer service; I had placed my order wrong and they were able to get my order fixed! Definitely recommend!

  3. Kendra (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with these stone tags! It’s aesthetically pleasing and very on brand for my dog, but also just super lightweight too.

  4. Johnna & Bonny (verified owner)

    I’ve received so many compliments on my pup’s tag, including from her vet! Not only is it super stylish, it doesn’t clang against her other tags, which we both love. Wonderful customer service and a gorgeous product. Looking to buy another for my pup’s growing collection of collars!

  5. littlebobacorgi (verified owner)

    Great amazing tag and quality that looks so classy on my Corgi! Even though he has white fur on his chest, the stone tag still stands out. We had it for about half a year and it still stays on. Only thing is the corner chips a little on the back on the phone number, but it is still readable.

  6. Chau

    Beautiful and sturdy. It also does not make noise when my pup walks, which is a plus!

  7. Paige A (verified owner)

    I found Onoma before I even owned a dog, screenshot their Instagram account held on to it until I did one day get a pup. Well, almost a year later and we have our sweet pup. Most dog tags out there are loud, tacky, and just not very cute, Onoma’s on the other had, not only are cute, but they don’t make noise, are subtle. They make my dog look more sophisticated than he is. 10/10 – if you’re wondering if you need one of these tags, yes, yes you do.

    And the Customer Service! I cannot say enough about how amazing the customer service is. I had some issues with shipping and they were more responsive than some of my closest friends, and resent my tag not once, but twice!! Thank you Onoma for elevating my pup’s style and for having the BEST customer service I’ve ever experienced.

  8. Shana Marchant

    I wish I could give this tag 10 stars!!! It is the perfect size for my sphynx kitty and is absolutely beautiful. I ordered another one for a new kitten joining our family and I goofed up and ordered 2, instead of 1. I sent an email explaining my blunder and Kyle reached out very quickly with the perfect solution. Not only does Onoma make beautiful pet tags, they provide excellent customer service!

  9. Morgan (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous tag! Absolutely love that you have the mini size. Was looking for something to put on the harness for my 5lb chihuahua and this is PERFECTION. Just love it. Thank you!

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