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Stone Circle Tag


(14 customer reviews)


Includes two brass rings (7/8″ and 1/2″)

Solid acrylic mineral composite tag (1.125″ diameter x 0.2″ thick)

Names will be printed in all lower case lettering – if you would like something different please let us know in the notes field above.

What makes this tag premium?

Made in the USA

Materials: The Stone Collection uses premium acrylics and natural minerals to create a tag with the look of stone or terrazzo, but with a lightweight feel. Every tag has a unique mix of material which means that no two are exactly the same. The durable acrylic is resistant to staining and scratching.

Design: Great for cats and dogs, your pet will look sophisticated in this stylish tag. Its minimal, elegant shape will never go out of style. Two solid brass rings give you options to attach the tag in a way that works best for you.

Text: Our tags don’t just scratch the surface! Other tags use etching or engraving for customization, a process that leaves them susceptible to wear and fading. Our durable lettering is cut deep and is guaranteed to remain legible for the life of your pet!

14 reviews for Stone Circle Tag

  1. Steph (verified owner)

    I purchased two of the stone circle tags for my dog and they’re both perfect! The stone looks nice and is lightweight, which is what I was looking for – they don’t rattle around on my dog’s collar. I also like that the name is carved in and not painted or anything, so you’d need to actually hold/look at the tag to see my dog’s name / my phone number. They’re subtle and classy!

    I also want to thank Onoma for reaching out to me about my order – because I ordered two of the exact same tag, they wanted to make sure there hadn’t been an error. I really appreciated that level of care and concern with ensuring I got what I wanted. Overall I would say this was a great purchase!

  2. Melissa (verified owner)

    My kitten has gone 10 months of his life without a tag on his collar because I couldn’t find one that I loved. But then I saw the circle stone tag online and immediately had to have it! It’s the perfect size and absolutely gorgeous! It also feels very sturdy, like it’ll last for years and years. And it doesn’t clink around which is a huge plus because my kitten doesn’t prefer the loud bells and noises that the typical cat collar/tag makes. We love it!

  3. eat-09.books (verified owner)

    LOVE this tag. we received it really quickly and they even sent us a preview of the tag before they printed it! Customer service is 10/10 and the quality is impeccable! Will buy again if needed! The tag is super well made and really sturdy, perfect for our super active pup. Really easy to clean too! Love everything about it!

  4. Riley (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tag for my Yorkie! Amazing quality and looks so handsome with his leather collar! The stone and the font is adorable! 100% recommend.

  5. Katie Stokes (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered these for both of my dogs and am so happy with them. Orders arrive fast and are such good quality. I love how it doesn’t jingle on their collar, is understated and holds up so well.

  6. Jen (verified owner)

    Super cute and light weight enough for my small pup! Also got here in great timing!

  7. Lauren (verified owner)

    I purchased the round stone tag for my puppy and I absolutely love it! It looks even better in person.

  8. Karen (verified owner)

    We love our stone name tag for our puppy. It’s a nice, modern neutral that looks great with her collar. I gave 4/5 instead of 5/5 just because it can be a little hard to read the etching in the stone.

  9. Yelva Espinoza (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my pup’s stone circle tag, it’s truly super different! I get constant compliments and questions about where I got it and my pup does look handsome with it! Onoma’s customer support is also top-notch and super helpful! I highly recommend their products!

  10. kolbeetibbets (verified owner)

    I bought the stone circle tag, and I love it. Highly recommend! It looks super cute and is very good quality.

  11. Joanne (verified owner)

    My mini Schnauzer was always a handsome boy, but somehow looked even more handsome after wearing this beautiful tag. Love it so much! Good weight, great quality

  12. @bookuhroo

    I have never been so happy with such a wonderful experience with this company! Not only did they help me choose my look of Roo’s name by providing mock-ups but also provided a high quality key rings that actually work and don’t break off easily! Love the minimalistic style also.

  13. Nishi (verified owner)

    These were the perfect find! We were looking for something sturdy but stylish that wouldn’t make noise when our (very large) dogs are walking around. We bought one to test out with one dog and quickly bought another – so glad we found these!

  14. Olivia

    We are obsessed with these! Our doggo always gets compliment on how cute the stone is!

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